Well guys we managed to get a ghost aka (bluefin tuna)in our own backyard yesterday.I got an invite from R.J and his brother Cody who run the boat Jersey Nutz Sport fishing out of Shark River,NJ to go on a mission to catch a bluefin.We had a general idea of where they have been so we decided to make the run.Upon arriving we saw birds and bluefin tuna busting on the surface.We were trolling only 3 rods because the conditions were very tough.One planer rod and two way backs.As frustration grew for an hour or so,we saw a nice patch of birds working.Cody steered the boat in that direction and about 50 feet from the boat the long rigger with a Joe Chute and a ballyhoo gets hit.The strange thing is that i wasn`t sure exactly what we had on because it was not peeling line like a tuna usually would have. then after 5 minutes and 300 yards of line i finally felt a head shake and i realized it was a tuna.I told R.J to get the gaff ready and prepare to get ready to stick him with the gaff. Immediately after hitting the fish with the gaff the fish woke up and went ballistic and ripped the gaff right out of R.J`s hands. After that it was history once we had him back to the surface. Great day on the water and it was nice to get the whole thing on video. Man that fish was green as hell when he stuck him the first time.The fish measured out at 55 1/2 inches.The highlight of the day was when we had a striped bass hit a joe shute with a horse ballyhoo. Check out the video below hit the sprocket for to change the HD for higher resolution on the video

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