It's been overall a tough season this year for our boat and the captain(my dad). Between his heart attack and the boats many issues we have only fished a handful of times.I got a chance to fish on the Big Dog with captain Craig Burrows,his daughter Hunter,Tony and Al Aveena for an overnighter in the Lindenkohl. We arrived a couple of hours before dark and trolled around but no takers before setting up for the chunk.We decided to drift because of the calm seas and a better chance to move around and cover more ground.Thirty minutes into the chunk we landed a nice 70 lb fish, then another an hour later.After that it was extremely slow besides a bite here or there on the deep sword rod the rest of the night.At sunrise we did manage to land another yellowfin before we got up on the troll.On the morning troll we had a school of nice 60lb class yellowfin hit the spread but only one fish came tight.Most of the fish were caught on sardines in 550-900 feet of water and one in 1500 ft.Fishing was a little slow but we managed to put some nice fish in the box.




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