We had our annual East Coast Hooked trip this past saturday to Gloucester, MA and with the very dismal reports from a lot of captains we  decided to go anyway. Before we headed to the fishing grounds we stopped outside of the inlet to snag some live mackerel and herring for bait.As soon as the live well was loaded with live bait the captain headed out to Stellwagen bank and fished most of the entire day on the shallowest part of the bank.In the morning it looked very promising with a couple of huge splashes around the boat and one of the giant tuna coming completely out of the water. As the day went on we did not even get a touch on the live baits. Unfortunately we couldn`t chunk because the dogfish were everywhere so its a lot of luck to catch a giant without any chunks in the water.Around 3:00 we had a school of giants come under the boat and had no interest in our mackerel or herring, very frustrating. After nothing all day the captain Collin took us for some bottom fishing action to put some meat in the box. We caught a couple of cod, 1 pollock, and some redfish wish was a first for me. All in all nice to get away from jersey, fish on someone else`s boat, and get back to the dock and not have to worry about cleaning up the boat. Here is some footage of us catching some cod and redfish.  

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