Posted by Racheal McGinnis on Jun 23, 2012 under

6/23 Mako Tournament

Mako fever report very slow fishing we fished the Virginia and then made a move to the mako hotel only managed 6 blue sharks.

After hearing a couple local of reports and the seeing the water push in towards the 100 we decided to give it a shot at the warm water before it pushed too far south. We arrived at first light half way between the Wilmington and the Baltimore it didnt take us long to find the small filament of blue water that were holding the concentration of fish.Most of our fish were in 390-475ft area and the temperature was 65.8. The total count for the day was 8/8 on BFT  up to 48.5 inches releasing all but one for the table and also 1/1 yellowfin about 35lbs. Most of the fish were caught on rainbow spreader bars and naked ballyhoo.Great start to the upcoming season.

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