Posted by Racheal McGinnis on Jun 24, 2012 under

6/24 Spencer/Wilmington

We started to fish towards the 100 line in the 78 degree water half way between the Spencer - Wilmington  area along with a mob scene of boats and managed to put up a pretty decent catch considering the boat traffic. After putting a few nice 45 -50 lb yellowfin in the box in that area something whaled the long rigger peeling my penn 80 for 175 yds of line in a couple of seconds ,5 minutes later we boated our first wahoo of the year. We continued to see fish come up and down  in schools that we actually thought that they were porpoises thats how many were breaking water. Most fish were caught on rainbow spreader bars and the HOO was caught on bally.All together we went 6/6 on yellowfin, one wahoo, and one Mahi. Great fishing and beautiful water. Craig got the MVP award on the boat today for the fastest learning crewman I`ve ever had on my boat, great job Craig. Due to some issues with the boat hope to be out very soon again.And guys dont make the mistake of bringing a green wahoo into the boat without throwing it in the hatch first ha ha they like to bite. I guess the fish was pissed because Greg gaffed him in the eyeball


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